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Why do you need a Wedding Planner ??

08 Jan Why do you need a Wedding Planner ??

When we started planning weddings a few years ago, the idea of hiring a wedding planner was still a concept that was only picking up in terms of popularity. Over the years, we have seen that an increasing number of to-be-weds are hiring wedding planners for their special day.

But many people still wonder if they should be considering hiring a wedding planner at all. So, for those out there who are about to get married and are wondering about it, here is an easy checklist to help you decide if you need a wedding planner.

–         Are you a full time working couple?
–         Are you new to or do not live in the city where you are getting married?
–         Are you having a destination wedding?
–         Can you envision the kind of wedding you want but don’t know how to make it real?
–         Do you have absolutely no idea of what kind of a wedding you want?
–         Are you excited to get married but the thought of planning and organizing makes you shiver with dread?
–         Are you having a short engagement?
–         Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and in general thinking that eloping might have been a better idea?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions, you should definitely consider hiring a wedding planner. It is a common misconception that wedding planners add to expenses. While no one wants to stretch a seemingly never ending list of wedding expenses, a good wedding planner is an asset and with their experience, they can help you avoid disaster and also save money, time and frustration. So go ahead, do your research and hire the professional services of someone who will help you make your wedding day the most memorable and stress-free day of your life :)


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