Iten Studios | Faq’s for Couples
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Faq’s for Couples

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Here’s a comprehensive list of wedding photography FAQs.
If there’s anything you have on your mind that is not listed here, or is not detailed enough, please feel free to get in touch!


QWhat is your Photography Style?

That’s a tough question to answer. Some of the popular “styles” associated with wedding photography are candid, documentary, photojournalistic, art wedding photography and other fancy words like these. I think what I do is a mixture of all of these styles – and depends on the moment and what I’m aiming to achieve. I typically shadow the couple as closely as possible while being hypersensitive to behind-the-scene moments and emotions that occur spontaneously. These make the best wedding memories. This is largely photojournalistic to an extent – but I also like making gorgeous looking wedding photos for which I may direct and set the scene to an extent. I believe that a successful wedding assignment needs a mixture of all of this, and a responsible photographer should be adaptable enough to deliver a mix of genres.


QWhy should I Hire Iten Studios team as my wedding photographer? What’s makes you special than other candid wedding photographers?

Firstly, you get two photographers at the cost of one. Photography is about angles! One photographer alone cannot cover the entire wedding from all possible angles. Therefore, we get a team on board to ensure nothing is missed! This essentially means that you get two points of views for every event of your wedding that we photograph – one angle covering the overall proceedings and the other with the bride and groom at its heart. The ensemble ensures that even if one of us does not have a good angle to shoot something, the other should have it covered. It also gives one of us the freedom to go bonkers and try out crazy angles and ideas at the same shoot without taking the risk of missing out on a shot. Also, owing to the fact that there are two of us photographing, we have two sets of equipment and in the rare chance that there is an equipment failure on the job, we would be ready with a backup. We do not impede with the rituals, we would never ask you to hold for a second to get a shot and we definitely won’t ask you to pose in the middle of the ceremony. Candid is our style! This would ensure that the punctilio of the rituals is maintained and no nuisance is created. Secondly, our work is incomparable, TEN.G leads the whole team under his guidance and expertise, whilst all our team members are trained well experienced, and certified professionals and highly talented individuals who have taken education in photography and its finer aspects like arts, composition, and framing. We charge you for creativity and presence of mind. Our work has been featured on almost all leading wedding websites and in Magazine’s. Iten is counted as one of the pinnacles and the finest names in the wedding photography industry, with some top notch clientele and we have worked a great deal to earn it. We are in the creative field since 2006 and specialize in Wedding Photography since 2011. And more than all these points put together, our clients say it all for us. Do not forget to have a look at our client testimonials & ratings on our Facebook page or this website.


QWhat do we need from You?

All we need from you is just sometimes! We would like you to share what your aspirations are about your big day. We need to know as much about you and your special day just as you would want to know about us and our work. It helps us formulate a strategy and think creatively if you can let us know the intricacies of the wedding. Here are some of the cardinal facts we would like to know beforehand. The exact number of days and hours that you would need us for. This helps us to understand your needs and, in turn, helps us give a perfectly customized quote. Information about the different rituals and ceremonies along with the time and venue of the rituals helps us come better prepared to photograph the event. For example knowing whether an event is being held indoors or outdoors let us know what kind of light to expect and accordingly we can think of how to use it creatively and what equipment to carry along.


Another important aspect which may not always be part of the conversation, but is pivotal is the letting us know more about your personality and what type of pictures you like to see yourself in. Getting a little gist of what kind of a person you are, helps us portray your persona ideally. For example, if you are camera conscious, we will be more discrete and try for more candid pictures. We, of course, do posed pictures too if you are a poser!


QWhere are you based? Do you travel for weddings? And what about travel & accommodation?

It is said that the World is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page!. Travel is an inspiration! We too are travelers and we have covered various weddings across the country and abroad. Our travel journal is a collection of beautiful memories. However, our studio floors & offices are only in Mavelikkara, Kochi, Bengaluru & Dubai, from where we coordinate all our endeavors. Our doors are always open for you to drop down anytime for a chat with us or just for a cup of coffee! Do keep in mind there will be an additional cost for travel except these prime locations. And by all means, we would be happy to be your guests. The travel and accommodation arrangements that you would make for your guests would be just fine for us as well, we do not want you to go out of the way and make any special arrangements for us. As far as the journey is considered, we prefer flights when the duration of the journey is more than 8 hours, otherwise, we have no issues traveling by car, bus or train.


traveling everywhere in the name of wedding

QWhat kind of equipment’s do you use?

Our company is an ensemble of proficient eyes and creative minds! We firmly believe that the single most important component of a camera is 12 inches behind it!! However, we can assertively say that we have some of the most outstanding optics and cameras currently available, to ensure that we deliver nothing but the best! We have a long list of equipment we shoot weddings with, which includes full-frame cameras, fast lenses, all forms of off-camera lighting, remote lighting equipment, props, stands, tripods, monopods…all of which is updated and changed with the market trends.


QWhat about Romantic Couple Shoots / Destination Shoots / Post Wedding?

Have you planned an exquisite honeymoon in the Mauritius or Bali or Italy or even the most beauty spots of Kerala? We’ve carefully picked up a resort, you’ve foraged Expedia to find the best of everything to make it a memorable experience. After seeking to make it so special, you do not want to come back with average pictures that will fade over time or for the worse, you do not want to end up taking each others’ pictures instead of pose shots in class! We offer this unique service, for very select clients and based on availability, where our photographer can accompany you for part of your honeymoon (typically a day or so) and guarantee you lovely memories of the beginning of your journey of marriage!


QI need proposal photography and proposal filming? Will you do this?

Asking a woman to marry you is one of the most important things a man will do in his life. Therefore, a good deal of consideration should be put into the Proposal you plan to make. However, kneeling in front of your lady with a ring and a rose, whatever the setting may be, its timeless and it’s more important to capture and to be shown over the years to your friends, family, children and grandchildren thus appoint us to capture your private and intimate moment- privately without letting your lady know. We will make sure to capture the moment when she shrieks with glee while checking out her new jewelry.


QWill you cover Destination Weddings?

Have you planned a Destination Wedding in the most exquisite location? If you have a dream location where all your important occasions of life will take place? Then to make it memorable and cherished forever, to capture the fun time with friends, the small and big functions, the wedding memories and everything else- then we at Iten Weddings have a special package & that is only for you!! For this, we charging you offer you a special per day package of Rs. 150k/- inclusive of 2 Photographers & Videographers. Everything else will remain the same.

QHow many wedding pictures do you typically provide per wedding? What do the complete deliverables include? And when I get the final output?

The photos are manually selected, color corrected, just exposed to tell a story if needed and marked for final delivery. There is no limit to the number of photographs! Customarily we furnish between 400 to 500 pictures for a typically 6-8 hour shoot. As per our understanding and experience, these are more than sufficient for you to relive your wedding, frame by frame. Deliverables include high-resolution pictures on a flash drive. We try to hand over a couple of shots within a weeks’ time and also post them on our website. We deliver the processed pictures, albums, wedding highlights and the complete deliverables anytime within 20 to 25 working days. We understand that you are super excited and eagerly anticipating to see the amazing pictures of the event, for that purpose, we even share a few pictures through WhatsApp or email at the earliest.

QWhat type of Wedding Video did you provide as well?

We, Iten Wedding Films & Pictures offer various packages for videography / cinematography too depending on your budget. We have a video solution for everyone’s budget. Our editors have a keen eye which is required to pick the right moments to highlight your special occasion. Wedding film has greatly evolved with the emerging trends of the industry. The videos we create are narrative of the event, unlike the old school videos which are just shot but do not follow any storyline. The videos we produce are synchronized with your wedding album, and both together create a thematic documentation of your special event. We typically deliver a wedding teaser (1-2 min), and a story wise wedding highlight full (4-6 mins) length and wedding film (90-120 mins)— all in brilliant high definition & Ultra HD video formats.

“LARGER THAN LIFE” magnified imagery extravaganza with interviews of the bride and groom sharing their future aspirations with each other; the immediate family and friends vocalizing their past memories with the bride and the groom, are all shot elegantly and presented in a manner which only pushes you to watch it again and again.

QWhat about Wedding Albums / Photo Books? Do you provide those?

Yes! Our album designs are simple yet charming. We can design a full album from scratch to make it easy for you or you can provide us with your photo choices, and I will design the album. Before getting the album printed, we shall send you a digital draft of the same for your approval. Our recommended choice of a photo book come with understated specifics. This seems to be most popular based on what we have delivered to our clients that we have been delivering is of the following criteria. But you can always change that;

15×24 / 16×24 / 15×32 / 16×36 inches sizes

Cloth/suede leather Cover

Pearl heavy or Velvet/soft bold paper type

One or two photos or more than two photos on each page

50-150 pages depending on the number of photos.

Lifetime guarantees on album printing and binding

QWhat are your packages and prices and what all does it include?

Every wedding is distinctive and it is almost impossible to generalise a package, therefore, we offer customized packages depending upon your requirement viz. the number of days and hours of the event, travel costs etc. However, to give you a rough idea, we normally charge INR. 50k/-* (full day) shoot in Kerala & AED.5k/-* (full day) shoot in UAE. This cost would include two photographers (at the cost of one). All you need is to communicate your requirement to us and we shall work out a customized quote for you. We will cover all parts of the wedding – right from getting ready till good-byes.


A precise selection and development process that will result in a combined wedding story. Processed high-resolution images from your wedding function on a flash drive. These will be manually developed, one at a time, based on our own individual style.


QAre the prices negotiable?

Weddings definitely are expensive affairs. We understand that you have countless things to pay for. However, Premium Wedding Photography comes for a price. We go through a tough grind to produce the stunning results that you see in our albums and captivatingly documenting everything you have paid for. Quite obviously, we do not love to negotiate on the price points.


QI know a Photographer who charges less than you. Can you match him?

As we have mentioned earlier, Premium Wedding Photography comes for a price. We never compromise on the quality of the images we deliver. We invest oodles of effort, research, hard work, skills, and experience, that makes our product worthy double of the cost. We take few selected projects every season and focus on producing dazzling results out of them, rather than accepting a million projects and delivering average outcomes. For us having a couple smile ear to ear seeing their photos is the biggest reward.



book your slots as early as possible!

Q(From above) What happens if I’m not happy, and feel that a part of my wedding is not represented enough?

No problem! That’s a different matter altogether. As your photographer, I will move mountains to make sure you are satisfied. I will continue to work with you and revisit my shortlist to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final selection of work.  To me, the couple is the most important–and I will leave no stone unturned to make sure you’re satisfied.


QWho owns the usage rights to my wedding images? What is a personal rights release, and who owns the copyright?

Along with the assignment, you own the full usage rights to your wedding photos for non-commercial use. Legal jargon aside, that means you can do whatever you want with your wedding photos (like making more albums, taking prints, sending them out to relatives, sharing them online and what have you). The only thing you cannot do is resell your wedding images – which I am sure you will not want to do! As the photographer, I will own the ‘copyright’ to the photographs, which means I own the author rights to the photograph.

More Information? Get in touch!

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