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Our Story

Stories of Love, Made with Love

About Us & What We Do
That’s the basis of Iten Studios.
We believe that the photographs we capture will help to seal your memories.

At Iten Studios, our goal is simple – we strive to capture the joy of your wedding in a way which you may cherish forever. Widely regarded as one of the best candid wedding photographers in Kerala, Bengaluru & Dubai. Tenebie George (TEN.G), the lead & chief photographer at Iten Studios, takes an artistic and photojournalistic approach to wedding photography and cinematography. We have captured more than 70+ rich wedding stories in India and abroad, including numerous destination weddings over the years.


This is it. Celebrating a major milestone in your life. Imagine the wonderful people who are important to you. The smiles, the laughter, and unexpected tears of joy. We capture each & every single part of your wedding in our own style and that should always be more realistic, candid & artistically fine-art.


One day, these memories may fade away. Yes, that’s the truth. And we’re always aware of that. Our Photographs and stories that will be cherished for always, in ways that you’ve yet to imagine. It’s like falling in love all over again, flipping through the pages and remembering that special day.


To capture those special moments of your big day. Let us create that magic for you, for always.

we love photography

w e d d i n g  s t o r i e s
by Ten.G







man behind the iten

Tenebie George, Founder, Chief & Lead Photographer
Ten.G begun shooting the wedding professionally since 2011.


Ten.G, an epic storyteller, a fine-art photographer currently based in Kerala, India. A Business Administrator by profession, he took up photography in 2011.


He always believes in creating beautiful offbeat and fun wedding memories which will last for generations to come. He loves the chaos of weddings. The drama, the fun, the emotions, the music, the dance, the food all make it an experience of a lifetime.

We’re so proud of him that he had listed in the top “20” Indian photographers category and as well as one of the few Indian members of “Fearless Photographers” and the “Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA)” – two of the most elite associations in the world that recognise excellence in wedding photography.


He is also a fine-art wedding photographer servicing clients all across India and Overseas.

travelling everywhere in search of a perfect frame

What all we do for your big day:


Some of the popular “styles” associated with wedding photography are candid, documentary, photojournalistic, art wedding photography and other fancy words like these. I think what I do is a mixture of all of these styles – and depends on the moment and what I’m aiming to achieve.


We offer various packages for videography / cinematography too depending on your budget. We have a video solution for everyone’s budget. Our editors have a keen eye which is required to pick the right moments to highlight your special occasion. Wedding film has greatly evolved with the emerging trends of the industry.


We travel many places for weddings. Our destination weddings are our signature! We make it memorable and cherished forever, to capture the fun time with friends, the small and big functions, the wedding memories and everything else- then we at Iten Weddings have a special package.


An unforgettable memory that really ought to be properly documented. What would be fun would be a ‘secret assignment’! We capture your private and intimate moment- privately without letting your lady know.


 After seeking the location, we can accompany you for capturing the most romantic couple  shots apart from your honeymoon (typically a day or so) and we guaranteed about the stunning results of your memories from the beginning of your journey !


We have got amazing options for any budget and requirement. Our album is 50-150 pages crafted in our Classic signature album cover or modern contemporary casual album. Classy pictures, appealing layouts and fine art prints.


We typically deliver a wedding teaser (1-2 min), and a story wise wedding highlight full (4-6 mins) length and wedding film (90-120 mins)— all in brilliant high definition & Ultra HD video formats. “LARGER THAN LIFE” magnified imagery extravaganza with interviews of the bride and groom.


As a premium wedding planner, our services include anything and everything a wedding requires from flowers to make up to photography and more. Our services are offered both collectively and as separate units that a client can pick and choose from. Relax and enjoy their special day.

portraits   .   travel   .   art   .       runs deep in our heart

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